Karen Larre

Karen Larré

Karen Larré has been working with small businesses for more than thirty years and has helped hundreds of businesses become successful. (See “Success Stories” to learn more). As the former owner of Truly Alive Magazine (formerly Living Natural Magazine) for 14 years, she worked with many natural health and spiritual healing providers. In her overall career, her spectrum of clients has been highly diverse.

Through Karen’s years of marketing/advertising experience, she observed that most small business owners are very good at providing the products or services they offer. She saw that many were good at running their business as well, and that it was unusual for them to also have finely tuned marketing abilities.

She found it is even more unusual, even for spiritually based business owners to tune into their God guidance in the process of making business decisions. Freedom Marketing Solutions (FMS) was created to help small businesses owners get the very best results by providing highly effective marketing and advertising solutions AND including their innate, God-given guidance system (and hers) in the process. Enjoy powerful, effective marketing AND the freedom to focus on the aspects of your business that you LOVE!